What is the burning time of the candles/grave lights?
The burning time is estimated regarding the amount of paraffin that is used in each and every candle/grave light. For exemple: the estimated burning time for a 38 mm tea light candle is 4 hours.
How are the products packed?
All of our products, both glass-made and plastic-made are packed in sets and in lots. For detailed information regarding how many products there are in a set and in a lot, check the description of the product.
Is the delivery cost covered by the company?
Of course, for every order that you place, the delivery costs are covered by us.
What is the minimum amount of products I can order?
We are happy to process every order you have that includes minimum 1 lot of products.
Can I order mixed lots of products?
Of course, you can order as many as lots you need that includes any products you choose. You can buy separates lots of the same product, but you can also purchase lots that includes mixed products.